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Outsourcing can free your staff to focus more closely on revenue producing activities or, in some cases, to reduce your headcount.

While printing equipment is becoming more affordable, easier to use and providing better quality, there are numerous benefits to outsourcing this service. Just like anyone can use the camera on their phone but that doesn’t make them a professional photographer. It also means that a DIY print and fulfillment plan may not end well and may cost you more in the long run.

Outsourcing your printing will give you access to expertise that your in-house staff may not have. Full-service print firms, like First Impression Print & Design, have marketing professionals who understand print production and the importance of the psychology of color in branding and marketing. When marketing and print expertise are combined, the final deliverable will have better copy, high resolution graphics, appropriate font and logos use and placement, and on-brand messaging. In addition, outsourcing to a full service print firms can reduce associated costs such as capital expenses and labor. But most importantly, it will lead to more efficient target marketing and reduced mailing costs.

You must weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing your print management. Key issues to consider are your budget, the size of your marketing department and the level of complexity of the distribution plan.

Issues to consider

Access to “the best” – A good outsourcing partner has extensive expertise. And, they will make regular investments in equipment, software, technology and staff training to maintain leadership in their field. You get the benefit of those resources without having to develop and maintain them in-house.

Lower print and postage costs – An expert can save you money by analyzing your collateral usage patterns, material shelf life and related costs to identify ideal quantities. This helps you print only what you truly need, using the most efficient production processes. Also some vendors offer volume discounts.

Faster – If you select the correct vendor, with enough capacity, you can turn around print and mailing jobs much more quickly than less experienced internal staff.

Better inventory management – If you outsource your print management and fulfillment services company, they will track your inventory and maintain historical data on usage. This will help you to proactively project ideal reorder timing and quantities for each piece of inventory, so your literature will always be in stock when needed.

Increased sales opportunities – Research proves that prompt fulfillment increases response rates. By consolidating your print management and fulfillment programs, you ensure that materials are on hand when needed, so prospects get the information they requested quickly, while your product or service is still fresh in their minds.

Prevent expensive mistakes – The do-it-yourself approach is not secure and prone to error. Businesses that send medical, financial or legal information risk expensive consequences if mailing pieces are mishandled. Consider the huge fines for mishandling medical records (a violation of HIPAA regulations).

Accountability and control – Consolidating print and fulfillment with one company gives you a single point of contact through which to control messaging and brand compliance, as well as procurement and distribution of your materials.

Reduce equipment costs – Not only can you save the cost of buying or leasing expensive equipment, you also save on the cost of service and supplies.

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